The Power Of Scents

Launched in 2020, This Candle Brand understands wanting to create a safe & cosy oasis inside your home. We also understand that feeling of styling your home and wanting the perfect finishing touch. We believe that finishing touch is an instantly recognizable signature scent.

Scents have the power to transport us to our favourite memories and positively influence our emotional wellbeing. They are the unseen je ne sais quoi that transform a space into a haven.

So if you’re looking for eco-conscious, luxe and simply gorgeous candles, diffusers and wax melts to scent your home with heart, we’re going to be best friends.

Our Story

Meet Our Founder - Valerie
This Candle Brand founder, Valerie

This Candle Brand started out after a trip to Japan were our founder, Valerie Penn discovered the most amazing exotic flowers and scented gardens.

Imagine, rows after rows of flowers full of exquisite colors, in full bloom, creating an otherworldly beautiful garden.

Upon her return to the UK, Valerie couldn’t stop thinking about what she had seen & experienced. The rarity of the experience felt so unfair – these flower gardens only bloom for a short period of time each year, far from her home.

If only there was a way to bottle it up and be able to recreate the essence of this memory and space.

Within months, Valerie set out to create a range of beautiful fragrances and candles, working with local suppliers from her favourite travel destinations to create a unique collection of scented candles.

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