Design Your Beautiful Online Shop In Just One Week

Imagine the security of selling your products directly from your own website. No Etsy fees, no marketplace commissions, no relying on wholesale-only or on in-person events & fairs.

Sell directly to your ideal customer, from your online shop.

Having your own website also means your cost for each sale is lower: a 2.9% transaction fee only, no added commissions on top.

Who Should Join The Launch Your Online Shop in One Week Challenge

Small creative product-based business owners who are looking to build up their brand with a beautifully personalised online shop.

Business owners who are ready to put the work in over the next week to create their website with the right guidance.

This Challenge Is Not For You If:

You’re not willing to put the work in.

You’re not prepared to promote your shop once launched, bringing in traffic to your new website.

You’re not sure what your business is and/or what your product line is going to be.

You need everything to be “perfect” before taking action and would prefer to have a professionally designed website before you launch.*

If any of these apply, you may not be ready to build your online shop, so this challenge is likely not going to be for you.

* if that’s you, I can help here.

What if I told you…

Your online shop will be flexible enough to grow with you, giving you the option to make changes as you need to and full control over how your shop works.

The website you build as part of this 7-day challenge will serve as your platform for growth, giving your brand a home.

Through this challenge, you’ll discover just how easy it can be to get started for the cost of a domain name and web hosting.

The One Week Challenge – Day By Day Content

When you join the challenge, you’ll receive my carefully crafted step-by-step daily roadmap so you know exactly what to do to launch your e-shop with WordPress in a matter of days and at the minimum possible startup cost (just your domain name and hosting).

With each day’s steps, you’ll receive full templates, tools, guidance, follow-along videos and every single asset you’ll need along the way. I never leave you hanging.

It’s going to take work but by the end of the week, you’ll have built a responsive, customized online shop for the cost of one year of web hosting and your domain name only, using WordPress.

What if you don’t have one-week to dedicate to the challenge?

The challenge is delivered in 7 days, with a new roadmap section each day, however, you can go through it at your own pace.
Day 1: Creating a structure

We start from the inside out. You’ll learn how to plan the structure of your website so you’ll know exactly what you need and where.

Day 2: Coming up with your message

Now you know what content you are creating, you’ll need to know what to say. I’ll show you how to identify your ideal customer profile, and create a message for your website content that will feel true to your brand.

Day 3: Scoping the tech & setting up

You’ll need to order web hosting* for the next year and have a domain name* – the only financial commitments involved with this challenge. After that, I’ll show you how to set up all the tech for your new website.

Day 4: Creating your visual identity

You’ll create a visual identity for your website that will help you design your content consistently. I’ll show you how to easily edit your photos and even how to optimize your site images for use on your website.

Day 5: Putting it all together

I’ll guide you through creating all your web pages, providing ready-made templates as well as guidance to create your pages from scratch.

Day 6: Refining, editing & optimizing

I’ll guide you through simple edits & a few important steps you need to take to optimize your website. You’ll learn to refine your design and message and optimize your website all ready for launch.

Day 7: Launch day!

I’ll help you optimize your site for social media shares, and then your website will be ready & launched. I’ll also show you how to update it from here onwards. You’ll end the day with a live online shop that works, which you can manage and you’ll be ready to start driving traffic and getting sales!

Here To Guide You Through The Challenge

Hi, I’m Mathilde,

I run an indie e-commerce website design studio in Bedfordshire, UK, crafting modern websites with purpose. I help my clients with consulting, branding, e-commerce website design services & education for inspired and purposeful indie brands who want to stand out from the crowd.

I’ve designed this challenge to help new businesses get started with their online shop with a beautiful, branded and customized website.

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Launch Your Online Shop In One Week Challenge
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